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Dr. Lynne Sullivan, ChiropractorWelcome to the caring touch of
Sullivan Chiropractic Health Center providing Chiropratic Care in Auburn CA, Lake Of The Pines and surrounding communites. Our care is unique.  We treat patients like family and it shows in their smiles.  We take a special interest in educating all of our patients to become partners in the healing process.  Dr. Lynne Sullivan actively provides structured payment plans, affordable even for patients who have no insurance.  Our office is run efficiently and effectively for even the busiest patient.

As your doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Sullivan has completed extensive training in the differential diagnosis, detection and correction of spinal and other health-related problems, She is also a Qualified Medical Examiner for the State of California.

We offer expert care in auto, sports-induced,
work-related and chronic injuries.

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Voted Best Chiropractor for over a decade! 

We are proud to announce that Dr. Sullivan has been accepted as our keynote speaker and local educational expert for The American Consumer Education Foundation. As such, Dr.
Sullivan will now be able to provide educational programs to community groups, corporations, schools, medical facilities and membership organizations.

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