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– The Effects of a New Food Technology on Body Composition, Body Systems and Blood Chemistries

– Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

– Atlas vertebra realignment and achievement of arterial pressure goal in hypertensive patients: a pilot study

– Chiropractic Care May Have a Positive Effect on People Suffering from Leaning Disabilities and Dyslexia

– Allergies

– Muscle Relaxants: Overuse, and Ineffective for Acute Low Back Pain

– Flu Season

– Drug Free Stress Management

– Future Trends in Health Care

– The Four Essentials of Health

– The “Coming” Bird Flu

– More On Back Pack Safety

– Back Pack Safety

– The Golfer’s Edge

– Fibromyalgia


– Cooling Down In The Summer Months

– Chiropractic Care Improves Coordinated Movement and Performance

– Become Your Family’s Nutritionist in Just One Day

– Headaches and Chiropractic

– Children with Ear Infections Respond Favorably to Chiropractic Care

– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

– Medical Guesswork

– Study Suggests Antibiotics Early In Life May Increase Asthma Risk

– The Good Health Commandments

– Spring Flowers Often Trigger Allergies

– Vertigo and Chiropractic – A Possible Solution

– The Three Most Dangerous Trends In America

– Ritalin Use Linked To Chromosomal Changes

– Arthritis and Chiropractic

– Patients and Friends

– Basic Rules for Good Health

– When Children Fall It Affects Their Pelvic Stability and Pelvic Instability Affects Their Health and Well-Being Common Subluxation Pattern Identified in 96% of Children

– Peace on Earth

– Patients with Depression Improve with Chiropractic

– Don’t Let the Season STRESS You!

– Spinal Stress in Children

– Attention Parents

– Backpack Safety Checklist

– Back to School

– Osteoporosis – Prevention through Chiropractic

– A Sixth Sense

– Taking Back Control of Your Health

– New Reports of ADHD Drugs and the FDA

– Will This Year’s Flu Dose Scare be Another Joke?

– Watch Your Hump Back

– Flu Shot Disappointments

– The New Science of Spinal Regeneration

– New FDA Web Site Exposes Drug Risks to Public

– Chiropractic was discovered by DD Palmer…

– Some Great Advice

– Secrets of the Very Old

– Chiropractic Named #4 of the Top 10 Jobs in the US

– Six Age-Reversing Secrets!

– Spinal Hygiene and its Impact on Health and General Well Being

– Chiropractic Reports Recovery Rate of 95% for Fibromyalgia Patients

– Wellness Care and Anti-Oxidants

– Ageing and Chiropractic

– New Warning about Pain Killers that Kill Women

– Spring into Health

– Golf Fitness

– Allergies

– “Once you start, you’ll have to go for the rest of your life”

– The Focus of Chiropractic

– Asthma and Allergies

– New Study Shows Chiropractic Care Cuts Health Care Costs

– It’s all About You! Wellness is the Patient Centered Process