I was suffering from neck and arm pain and numbness so bad to the point that my hand was
clenched in a fist and I sally-hielscouldn’t open it. I do landscaping for my work and was not able to function, even with a brace. I felt crippled.

I tried chiropractic care as a last resort. Before starting care I was very scared. Dr. Sullivan did a wonderful job about easing my fears.


Within the first few visits, I got my life back. I had full use of my arm and hand and feeling. I can work again! Not only have my symptoms improved, but my overall health as well.


I would recommend that you try a good chiropractor that you can trust and feel comfortable with, like Dr. Sullivan.

Sally Hicks

I sought chiropractic car after a car accident. I did have some doubts and fears before starting chiropractic care and Dr. Sullivan was a  great help in getting over those. Before beginning care, I had tried massage, yoga, and slowing down, but still had lots of pain. In a short period of time I’m feeling great, almost pain free, more mobility and less fear. I can turn my head and move fluidly and my overall health has improved.


Dr. Lynne is an expert and will alleviate your concerns, fears and you’ll feel better overall. 


Thanks Dr. Lynne



Kathy Carey-Dewey



Hi There. My name is Kathie Ford and I have been under the care of Dr. Lynn Sullivan of late. I have to say I am sorry I waited so long in seeking treatment from her.  I am a person who loves being outdoors in the fresh air. I ride horses which are a main passion, as well as being part of a Worship Team at My Church locally.



A year ago this past December my husband and I were rear-ended at a stop light. It wasn’t too bad, however I did feel sort of a “lightning bolt” type of feeling up the small of my back. However I didn’t feel too bad and so I went about my business.


After a while though I began feeling sore in places along my spine which seemed to eventually move lower in my back area. It became so uncomfortable I stopped exercising and even walking our neighborhood loop. I love to ride my horses to but I became sort if discouraged as it hurt to ride now for some reads on. I also realized my back and hips felt more and more locked up. I actually began to feel crooked. One leg longer than the other? That’s not right. Hummm. I don’t care for Drs personally although I respect that for some people they have their place. For me however, I avoid then then like the plague! I continued to ignore my plight.


Anyway, a funny thing occurred that changed my thinking a bit. My horse Cira. I realized I had this past year, have to have an equine massage/chiro specialist perform bodywork on her more often than I would have normally. She is an athlete and previous Tevis horse and I always made sure her body was comfortable and working correctly. Me??? Ahaha. Not so much apparently! It dawned on me that I was so much out of whack myself that it was affecting her too!!! Darn! Well I love my horse Cira as well as couple others I have and I would never want them uncomfortable. I felt horrible. I could feel her body trying to balance and carry me; a now very crooked, stiff, hip/backed human. Not fair to her. Hence why I decided to finally seek help.


I don’t like pills nor taking meds. So after seeking information about Chiropractic care I discovered Dr. Lynne Sullivan. I would see her riding in our neighborhood occasionally and observed how happily active she herself was. I’m an observer type and I wanted to be active, comfortable, and happy again!!! Lol


I finally met and spoke with her and arrangements to see if she could help me.


At first I was VERY nervous to have someone work on my back or spine.


Apparently I was a bit if a mess. Not only my back area but also my neck. I had noticed over the years a bone sort of starting to feel more prominent. I had forgotten about that being used to it until she also noticed it. I had also been experiencing some pretty bad headaches. This apparently was related. My neck too was out.


She answered my questions. Therefore I no longer had any concerns or fears. It was Hands On time. Lol. She is knowledgeable in her field. I was convinced.


After the first treatment I went out and walked then entire 3 mile loop smiling as I walked! Hey I feel pretty good!! I then proceeded to unload several bales of hay. I felt great!


The next day? Well not so much! Oopsie! Boy did I overdo things! I went back for couple more sessions. I would feel better but because I’m a busy person and no one does my chores for me, I, at first, unwittingly short circuited my own healing process in not allowing myself to slow down after sessions. So DO NOT do what I did!!


After one more session I was actually comfortable for very short time and then suddenly in a lot of pain. From back of my hip, around, behind my knee and eventually to my big toe on my left side. Sleeping was nearly impossible. A few Alieves didn’t even help so I stopped that. It was so bad I would also drag my left leg and my big toe/foot was now numb. Being stubborn, I continued to try to walk. One day walking down a trail I tripped due to loss of feeling in that foot. Dummy!! So now, my ankle is twisted! Will I ever learn to stop?? Slow down and allow healing? Lol. This lasted for about 3 weeks actually.


Well I caved and decided I HAD to take a day or two off on a weekend to rest. Finally. Dr. Sullivan had warned me to take it easy. She also informed me that I would feel worse first, and then start better. I admit I did not completely believe that at the time.


To continue my saga, the weekend I rested I ended up having been scheduled to sing on the team at Church. That required standing for about 20-25 minutes and another 15 more at the closing of services. Ugh… Hard!! The pain from standing was so bad I actually felt rubbery and weak. I made it to the end. Tawanda!! (A saying I use when I overcome something lol).


Once home I hit the couch. I gave thought to having doubts about returning for the remaining sessions. Hummm…


I then remembered her informing me upfront that even if I felt better after couple sessions, for complete healing I should be committed for a time period to heal correctly. Seriously? Ya think??!! Lol


So back I went. Admittedly with some doubts at first.


Well good things happened and she was right! After several more sessions, couple per week, the pain completely disappeared! I was now walking much more normally. I was ready to try riding again! Yay! Halleluiah!!


I started walking first adjusting distance as I could do each time. Later I could not only ride again without pain but I could trot, canter, and gallop my horses again! Life is great! :))))


I no longer feel my pelvis crooked, back good and hip, knee pain ALL gone. No more numbness in my left foot at all. Totally disappeared. Gone.


Later I walked 5 miles at a local park on foot while walking my other mare up and down some rolling hills and single track.


I not only feel good in the saddle again, I am also taking note that my horses bodies feel better carrying me! Now that is a plus…


The only issue I have left is when I do walk my left hamstring is not as flexible as it should be. This however, is totally unrelated to any Chiro issue I had. Months earlier I had pulled both my hamstrings badly while squatting trying to move some very heavy stall mats during some rainy weather in wet, sticky adobe dirt. My right is healed. My left will take just a bit longer but will heal also on its own. Staying well-adjusted I’m sure will assist that I’m positive.


I am currently looking forward to working out again. In the last weeks I have enjoyed several painless horseback rides on my beloved mares. It would have devastated me not be able to ride.


Other benefits I noticed after Dr.Sullivan’s sessions are my hearing and some minor bodily functions seem more normal. I had some minor issues I had previously attributed to “getting older” lol. That being said those minor issues have also improved!


In closing my little “book” here, lol, I would highly recommend Dr Sullivan. I would also recommend X-rays prior to commencement of treatment to assist Dr. Sullivan to pinpoint areas of attention needed and therefore prescribe a proper plan for successful healing.


I highly recommend not delaying seeking help as I did. I am so glad and thankful for her skill and service.


Many thanks Dr. “Sully!”


Cheers and happy riding,


Kathie Ford
Auburn, Ca


Oh..PS. I am sending my husband next!!! 🙂




Lynne is “hands down” (excuse the pun) the best chiropractor I’ve ever experienced….and I’ve been with several skilled professionals. She’s able, with gentle manipulation, to change pain into relief and stiffness into fluid mobility. I highly recommend Dr. Sullivan as a first choice for anyone’s health program needs.


Donna Thompson







Having limped along in excruciating pain for a couple of days, I was desperate enough to try a chiropractor–something I regarded only slightly above a witch doctor or Dr. Oz. Knowing Dr. Sullivan from working with her on our television show, she seemed the natural choice. After only a few minutes in her grasp, I felt remarkably better. I certainly wasn’t cured and returned every few days for another treatment, regaining my strength bit by bit, and always feeling so much better I couldn’t wait to ooze onto her couch one more time.


Despite some heavy outdoor duties and, even worse, some long stretches at the computer, I’ve been basically pain-free in my back for six months. So I have definitely changed my opinion about chiropractors, because of Dr. Sullivan’s extraordinary expertise, both theoretical and practical. However, I still think Dr. Oz is a quack.


Michael A. Callahan, Ph.D. Editor Channel 7 news





After a few months of unrelenting right-side low back pain, I decided it was past time to seek some help. Dr Lynne used a combination of treatments over a period of a few wks to finally get my back pain under control. I’d definitely recommend Dr Lynne to help you get on the road to recovery from back pain.


Kathy Sherman Tevis competitor



Dr. Sullivan is top notch! She treats the whole person and helps you find your way back to health through education, compassion, humor and a easy to incorporate wellness program.Nicole Hurd Recreation coordinator LOP


Fantastic!! In just (6) visits, my back pain was gone and with the use of your Laser treatment on my (crushed) index finger, the healing process was greatly reduced!! I would recommend and have recommended you to all my friends!! Thank you so much. Sincerely. Irv Mazur




I first met Dr. Sullivan when I was in excruciating pain. She met me almost immediately, and explained to me what the cause of my pain most likely was and then adjusted me. I’ve hated chiropractors in the past, yet Dr. Sullivan listened to my fears and concerns and worked with me through it. Her knowledge and practice has completely changed my life for the better.


Adam Kanoff





Lynne is professional and knowledgeable. Cynthia Eberhardt


Dr. Lynne was very understanding of my son, whom has Cerebral Palsy. She explained in detail to him exactly what she was doing while examining him. He felt very comfortable. I cherish her knowledge and know my son’s is literally in great hands.

Shannon Cesar


I am happy to report that since I have started seeing Dr. Lynne my trigeminal neuralgia has been in check and I rarely have to suffer the shingles-type pain that was growing worse by the month. I am looking forward to even more improvement under Dr. Lynne’s professional care.

Susan Schimmel


So many positive things to say. Very good experience with Dr Sullivan from my first visit. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Josh Tiffee


Very good experience. The treatment was outstanding with a great attitude by Lynne. Keep up the good work.

Jack Sullivan


It was a very positive experience as she made sure she understood my injury and gave me a good plan to follow and I could not be any happier.

Joe Giovacchini


Very professional. answered all my questions. A+ experience 

Mary Naggiar


Patient of the Month – Irv Mazur –



Irv Mazur’s Story:

It’s a “miracle”!! It’s a miracle I tell ya!! 🙂 I have had back pain for some time. I saw my doctor who gave me pain pills. They helped as long as I took them but they upset my stomach so I decided to stay with the pain.


I went to a chiropractor. I saw him several times and the pain didn’t get any better. So I asked him how many more visits did he think that I needed until I was better? His comment was, “Maybe one hundred.”

Needless to say, I quit him and went back to my pills. All this took place six months ago. About two weeks ago it all started all over again. Mucho back paino!!! I took my pills and they did help but then I thought why not call Lynne Sullivan. She has her practice near my home, I met her through Gold Country Trails Council and we ride together, so what the heck.


After Lynn finished with me (I know that doesn’t sound quite Kosher) but after only six visits, I have zero back pain. I am riding and skiing and lifting heavy objects again and am feeling like a youngster.


So all I have to say is Lynn Sullivan is a miracle worker for me. I thank her for getting me back to where I wanted to be, feeling no pain. I highly recommend her to anyone with back pain.


Irv Mazur


Patient of the Month – Franceska Saboe –



Franceska’s Story:

I must give my personal testimony of Lynne Sullivan’s chiropractic gift! I have been going to Chiropractors for the past 15 years I am 45 yr. old woman that has lived a very active life style from extreme sports to horseback riding in my younger days, not so responsibly! I still ride today! And one bad head on car crash. I’ve suffered for years from back problems, vertigo and pain. I did begin chiropractic care after the car accident and found it to be a life saver. I’ve been to more Chiropractors than I can count over the years. A couple years ago an old war wound so to speak, reared its ugly head! My lower back and hips. I was in so much pain. This time with no relief from chiropractors for this one. I almost went on pain pills and saw a walker in my future! I learned to cope with special exercises but that only covered up the real problem. After being adjusted with Lynne’s non evasive gentle yet very effective technique I walked away pain free and with a new freedom in my life! I feel great now, and really understand the bio mechanics of the body and spine. You can heal. Regular adjustments are the only way to realign the body so it can heal correctly over some time.


Franceska Saboe


Patient of the Month – Rick Celotti –



Rick’s Story:


When I bowled, I had to take 5 or 6 Motrin, and 2 beers to keep my elbow pain away. As you would expect, I had to quit bowling!


After I started treatment for my neck pain from work-related pain, I noticed my elbow was feeling much better for the first time in years. So I went to the bowling alley to try it out. When I first quit, I could not throw more than three balls without sharp pain. But I bowled three games that night without any pain!    WOW!


The big test is how I would feel the next day. Again, felt great! The next week I bowled in my wife’s league. Not only did I again have no pain, but I was throwing the ball better than I had in years.


The only conclusion I could come up with was my chiropractic care I was receiving from Dr. Sullivan. Now the word is out and I have been getting multiple phone calls from bowling leagues wanting me to play for their team.


Thanks Again,

Rick Celotti
Wellness Club Member 2007


Getra’s Story:



Wellness Club Member for 13 years


When Getra isn’t gracing us with her always smiling face, she is busy caring for her 9 grandchildren. She stays healthy with water aerobics and walking her daughter’s dog every day. Here’s her story:


I needed help when I had a bad sinus infection. I saw multiple medical and ear doctors, and each one gave me a new medicine to try. And when they didn’t work, all they told me to do was to wait and see. I started losing my hearing and began getting sharp pains in my neck when I drove or sat at the computer.


My sisters had been to chiropractors and suggested I should go. A neighbor suggested Doctor Sullivan and I’ve been coming to her office ever since (over 13 years now!). I come once a week for my wellness adjustments. I sometime come 2 or 3 times a week when I am not feeling very well, but that definitely doesn’t happen very often anymore. I don’t ever get sick anymore either!



The Erickson’s Story


Anne 49    Steve 49    Jack 12    Christian 15


Anne’s Chiropractic story started at age 21 (unfortunately, instead of at birth like the children). She has an S-curve scoliosis which has caused numerous symptoms such as breathing issues, chronic pain, and infertility. She was introduced to the Gonstead Approach at age 34 and within a year she was pregnant.


Steve’s Chiropractic story started when his oldest son was born 15 years ago. He struggled with chronic cold sores which have now been minimized to 1 a year.


Christian, a gift to us through adoption is 15. He has been adjusted since 3 months old weekly. He has only used antibiotics one time in his life. Weekly Chiropractic has created a strong immunity to illness.


Jack, Chiropractic success, is 12 years old. He has never needed antibiotics and is adjusted weekly with no health problems.


We are forever believers in this holistic approach to life and very much appreciate Lynn’s Family Wellness Plan.