Is your club (business, group etc.) looking for a dynamic speaker?  Dr. Sullivan has been a frequent speaker for many community groups. She speaks regularly at chiropractic conventions all over the United States, and has been an instructor at Life Chiropractic College-West.  She has been in practice since 1986 and has been featured in national magazines, radio and television.


She is available for talks that you will find interesting for you and your group. Please call (530) 718-4102 for more information about having her speak at your next event.



List of talk topics include:


–  Low Back Pain, incredible non-surgical, drug-free alternative 

–  Asthma-do you really need that inhaler?

–  Pregnancy, the complete guide to a natural enjoyable pregnancy

–  Sport performance, a proven drug-free secret weapon

–  Vaccination, what every parent needs to know

–  Fibromyalgia, a lifetime of drugs in not the answer

–  Boosting your immune system naturally, what you need to know

–  Maximizing your child’s health the drug-free natural way

–  Ear infections, the cause, the truth, the correction

–  Work related injuries, a simple, cost effective, proven alternative

–  Arthritis, stop or reverse it

–  Carpal tunnel syndrome, the cause, the alternative

–  Elimination headaches, the drug-free truth revealed

–  The truth about having incredible health and function

–  ADD, a natural alternative

–  Women’s health and menopause, live life without medication

–  Stress management without addictive medication



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