Dr. Lynne Sullivan graduated from UC Davis in 1983 and Life Chiropractic College West as the class valedictorian in 1986. She has practiced in Pleasanton CA since then, and now is located in Lake of the Pines.


Dr. Sullivan is a sought-after expert, speaker and media guest. She has been a college instructor as well as authored many published articles. She was featured in Chiropractic Economics and Chiropractic Products magazines as an expert in chiropractic. Dr. Sullivan’s work has been featured in numerous media including newspaper, magazines and TV. Her work in the book, “The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed” has been a best seller with over 25,000 copies sold.


She has helped thousands of patients achieve extraordinary health when many other methods have failed for the past 30 years.


Outside the office: Dr. Lynne has been happily married since 1983. She has 3 children and 4 grandkids. She enjoys all the activities here at LOP, tennis, golf, pickelball, skiing, swimming and riding her horse. She is an active member of the community heading many service groups and is an anchor women for LOP’s channel 7 news.